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Security Printing

Fraudulent and counterfeit activities have become a major concern for businesses and organizations of all sizes. Valuable and sensitive documents like coupons and certificates are more susceptible to fraud than in the past.
Documents fraud causes not only direct loss of revenue but also damages the reputation of your organization/brand resulting in greater indirect losses.
To protect your documents from counterfeit activities, MBM implements effective Security Controls and Procedures in the production line and offers a range of document Specialist Security Features. These security features are easy and low-cost to be incorporated into any documents and can be combined to achieve maximum anti-counterfeit results.



Variable Data Printing




Share Certificate . Bond Certificate


Coupon . Voucher . Ticket


Specialist Security Features

Security Features.jpg

Digital Printing

Digital printing allows higher degree of flexibility and shorter turnaround time. This is best suited for small-run jobs and when the images/information on documents are to be different for each printout. Our high speed digital printing platform will serve not only your printing needs but also allow you to communicate precisely with your customers and business partners.

Digital Printed Business Card

Desktop Calendar . 
Customized Calendar

Booklet . Menu . Leaflet

MBM Name Card B.jpg

Full colour digital printed business card on a wide selection of papers helps you to connect to your clients more effectively.

Create a customized calendar to your loved ones, friends and even business partners and clients.  A perfect gift for presenting memorable moments to friends, advertising and brand promotion.  Every page of the calendar can be printed with varying messages or names.

With our digital printing platform, your special needs on printing booklet, menu , leaflet and invitation card can be fulfilled in no time.

Products & Services: Products

Business Printing

Besides security printing, MBM also provides general printing services to many businesses and organizations. These products include forms, computer forms, salary envelopes, confidential envelopes, letterheads, business cards and labels.

Salary Envelope . Confidential Envelope

QR Code . Barcode . Label

Computer Form

QR Barcode_edited.jpg
computer_form-th (2)_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg
  • Available in any sizes and formats

  • Generates duplicates at one go

  • No separate envelope needed for mailing purposes

  • Print on all softwares and laser/dot martrix printers

  • Maximum security for confidential documents such as PINs and Salary Advices

  • QR codes and Barcodes of any formats

  • Mailing addresses

  • Labels of any shape and size

  • Bills / Invoices

  • Statements

  • Purchase Orders

  • Delivery Notes

  • Bill of Lading

Recording Chart Paper

As the sole distributor of Kobayashi Create Co., Ltd. of Japan, we supply recoding chart papers with outstanding quality.


Compatible with Yokogawa and many other instruments, these recording chart papers are specially designed for:

  • Industrial use

  • Laboratory use

  • Medical use - E.C.G., E.E.G. paper, foetal monitoring and clean room use

  • Measuring pollution - waste water and sewage treatment

Available in many size and formats:

  • Circular / Rectangular / Roll / Folded recording paper

  • "R Series" environmentally friendly recording paper

Fujifilm Prescale Film

Pressure Measurement Film

Prescale Film (Fujifilm Prescale), developed by Fuji Film, is able to easily and accurately measure pressure and visualize pressure distribution.

Prescale Film

It contains micro-capsules which break and react with a color-developing agent when pressure is applied, leaving red patches on the Prescale Film.


Types of Prescale Film and Pressure Range

Prescale Film is extremely thin and stable to measure pressure (Mono-sheet type: 90 ± 5µ Two-sheet type: 110 ± 5µ). 8 types of Prescale Films are available to comply with demands to measure a wide pressure range (0.05 ~ 300MPa.).


Working Principle

Mono-sheet type: The color-developing material is coated on a polyester base, with the micro-encapsulated color-forming material layered on top.

Two-sheet type: One film is coated with the micro-encapsulated color-forming material and the other film is coated with the color-developing material. Use two films facing the coated sides each other.

Prescale Working Principle.jpg
Products & Services: Services

Prescale Film Application

Engine Cylinder Gasket Surface Pressure Measurement

Seal Flange Surface Pressure Analysis

Ground Contact Pressure Analysis

Roll Contact Pressure Measurement


To measure the pressure and its distribution when tightening engine cylinder gaskets, insert "Prescale" between the cylinder block, the gasket and cylinder head, pressure can be measured simply by tightening.

Flange must be tightened with an appropriate amount of pressure to prevent oil leaks. When measuring with sensors, it is difficult to measure pressure distribution over the entire area. Pressure distribution can be read accurately by placing "Prescale" between the flanges and then attaching "Prescale" to a reading device.

Simply place "Prescale" between the ground contact surface and the tire, pressure distribution can be obtained visually with numerical values by attaching "Prescale" to a reading device.

The tension applied when rolling steel sheet was previously determined by trial and error. Rolling the steel sheet together with "Prescale" allows the rolling pressure to be measured accurately, allowing tension adjustments to be standardized, and contributing to reduced costs.

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