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About Us

Our Background

MBM Systems & Equipment Limited was established in Hong Kong in 1968 and was appointed by Kalamazoo PLC of the UK (now known as Kalamazoo Direct) as the authorized sole agent in Hong Kong.

MBM Systems & Equipment Limited is a leading security printing company in Hong Kong providing security printing services and business systems/equipment to the local and overseas markets.  With over 40 years of experience in security printing and expertise from the UK's largest security printer, Kalamazoo Direct, we supply documents with security features that can effectively help our customers to combat against counterfeiting activities.

It has always been the prime objective of MBM to provide its customers with the highest quality of services and security products and most importantly, to assist them in protecting their valuable assets against fraudulent or replication of documents.

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History of MBM

Through the 70s - 80s, MBM mainly supplied Kalamazoo's manual accounting systems, payroll systems, stock control systems and business record-keeping systems/equipment to the local market.

In the 80s, MBM become the authorized agent in Hong Kong for the world's leading recording paper manufacturer - Kobayashi Kirokushi Co. Ltd. of Japan and supplied recording paper of the highest performance and quality, along with Kalamazoo's products to its customers.

MBM's security printing division was set up in the 80's with the assistance of security printing experts from Kalamazoo. Over the past 40 years, MBM has been a company committed to developing the security printing market in Hong Kong and supplying secure documents for use by many financial/educational institutions and government departments to combat against counterfeiting activities.

In 2004, MBM's security printing division formed the MBM Security Print in order to more effectively allocate its resources and to better serve the customers using the security products.

MBM is now an authorized security cheque printer for many major banks in Hong Kong and a certificate manufacturer for numerous local universities and academic institutes. Besides security printing, we also supply Kobayashi Recording Paper, continuous stationery and business systems/equipment such as binders.

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Our Premium Working Partners

Kalamazoo Direct

Kalamazoo was established in the United Kingdom in 1896 supplying various business solutions including manual ledger systems, payroll systems, equipment for filing/record keeping and specialist stationery. Its Security Printing Division has almost 40 years of experience in the security printing market and in recent years the group was renamed to Kalamazoo Direct.

Kalamazoo is an accredited member of the C&CCC (Cheque & Credit Clearing Company) and UK Gift Card & Voucher Association and is now an established international authority on design, production and delivery of security print and security solutions.


Kobayashi Create Co. Ltd.

Kobayashi Kirokushi Co. Ltd., founded in Japan, involves in manufacturing and supplying of recording papers and related products for recording instruments. It also produces business forms, accessories for computer peripherals and printing machines and provides outsourcing service for data processing.

Kobayashi was established in 1937 and now employs over 1,400 staff with worldwide sales network. The company was renamed to Kobayashi Create Co. Ltd. in 2007 and is now the world's leading manufacturer of recording paper and also the largest distributor of the pressure measuring Prescale Films.

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