Prescale Film

Prescale Film (Fujifilm Prescale), developed by Fuji Film, is able to easily and accurately measure pressure and visualize pressure distribution.

It contains micro-capsules which break and react with a color-developing agent when pressure is applied, leaving red patches on the Prescale Film. Prescale Film is extremely thin and stable to measure pressure (Mono-sheet type: 90 ± 5µ Two-sheet type: 110 ± 5µ). 8 types of Prescale Films are available to comply with demands to measure a wide pressure range (0.05 ~ 300MPa.).

Types of Prescale Film and Pressure Range

  • Two-sheet Type

  • Mono-sheet Type


  • Engine cylinder gasket surface pressure measurement
  • Seal flange surface pressure analysis
  • Tire ground contact surface / Ground contact pressure analysis
  • Roll contact pressure measurement