Filing System

Got fed up by piles of documents? KBS Archives Systems can solve your problems. If you run out of space for storing documents, or if you are using off-site storage services or even have your own storage, KBS can save your space up to 50% so that your expenses on hiring or buying offices can be reduced significantly.

Different from off-site storage, with KBS you can store your documents within your own premises and they can be retrieved more conveniently. Existing Lever-Arch Files can be recycled, without the need to purchase new files, shelves or cabinets. Front opening design allows rapid and easy retrieval of documents even at the bottom of a stack.

Demonstration of KBS Archives Systems (170sq.ft. Room)

KBS Archives Systems will make your documents not only easily accessible but also increase your storage space up to 50%! Other advantages include:

  • Provide safe, tidy and comfortable working environment - Raise Working Efficiency
  • Achieve effective management of corporate knowledge, ideal for ISO 9000 and 14000 series
  • Existing arch/suspension files can be recycled, without the need to purchase new files, shelves or cabinets - Save Money
  • Front opening boxes allow rapid/easy storing and retrieval of documents even at the bottom of a stack, save valuable staff working hours
  • KBS container boxes are light and robust for easy transportation. Designed to interlock with each other and stack to a height of at least 2m. Specially engineered stabilizer bars for strengthening the boxes to sustain heavy weight!

Click here for a demonstration of KBS used in a 170 sq.ft. room.
Click here for full descriptions of all KBS products with dimensions.

If you wish to know more about its applications, please email us or fill out our Enquiry Form , we will be happy to visit you in person and present a complete demonstration.

Many companies and organizations have overlooked the importance of their archives systems, resulting in much of the precious office space and staff working hours being wasted. Even with the popularization of computers, staffs are still very often surrounded by piles of documents and spending most of their time digging out documents from archives, which in turn greatly lowered their working efficiency.

Office rentals and prices have been skyrocketing, but if much of your costly office space is taken up by archives, this would in fact raise your expenses and render your resources not being appropriately utilized. When it comes to moving offices, the money and time you spent would even be multiplied. You may consider the use off-site storage services a solution, however you still have to bear the extra costs, not to mention the lead time required for storing and retrieving your documents which often takes a couple of days before the documents arriving in your hand.

Security and privacy problems also arise during transportation and at places where the archives are stored, for this reason documents that are confidential, sensitive or valuable will have to be stored within your company's premises. However, these documents will take up your office space and, if not managed properly and systematically, you will end up spending more time searching for documents. If you want your staff to have more time concentrating on the core business activities, and that the money spent on hiring or buying offices is not for storing documents, turn to KBS Archives Systems!